\\ What really hapened (animated)
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What really hapened (animated)

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16 Oct 2007 by Desmond
It's a joke... The way your responding makes America look bad...
12 Sep 2007 by Jay
absolutly funny, no doubt about it! all u think its not...u morrons!
11 Jun 2007 by mike
4 May 2007 by Damn It
Dont talk that much, Its funny, So stfu.
1 May 2007 by bumper c. lot
burn baby lon ?
8 Apr 2007 by americans are too politically correct
yeah, how dare you make fun of americans. (roll-fucking-eyes)

americans only became patiotic after 9/11. before then nobody gave a shit. now they're on a crusade to americanise the whole world. fuck it all. let the cockroaches have the earth.
25 Mar 2007 by sandeep chakraborty
28 Feb 2007 by AmazingBobJog

That makes me a funnyist!
25 Feb 2007 by Lucy Spanns
I don't know who is the biggest asshole, the fucking moron who made this piece of shit or LILY SAWDERTEIL, SHANNONE EDERGIL who think it's funny, I'd like to see how hard you two whores laugh when your time comes. FUCK YOU, IDIOTS !!
21 Feb 2007 by Kitty
This is SHIT!!!
21 Feb 2007 by Groxx
lmao. @all the idiots pointing out how ignorant people are: laugh once in a while.
Nazis are pretty damn funny if you give them the chance too.
2 Feb 2007 by a passer by
I just don't see how that can be humorous when it's such a tradgedy. Goes to show how ignorant and morbid humans can be. It's not like the people decided they felt like giving up thier lives on that day. or in that mannor in wich it happened. I see this as a reminder that as long as people can be so evil.....there will never be an end to any of this. GOD BLESS those in need ........
26 Jan 2007 by bubba
Uncouth, No taste, Can't be an AMERICAN, Should be flogged, etc.
20 Jan 2007 by fuck you
that's fucking dispicable. i can't believe you fuckers would make light of a disaster that took the lives of innocent people. regardless of whether or not our government is telling the truth about what happened, the fact is that people died in a horrific way. go fuck yourselves, heartless fucking bastards.
4 Jan 2007 by Lily Sawderteil
4 Jan 2007 by Shannon Edgeril
cool and funny
14 Dec 2006 by shane
this seems more realistic than the answers our gov't give us. damn that bird! we'll be starting a war on avian species...right after we finish the war on everyone else.

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