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4 May 2007 by Tha CD-DRIVE
Lolz, The americans NOW or WAY DIFFFERENT than the americans LONG TIME AGO.. The americans are, Indeed, TO DAMN POLITICALLY CORRECT.
Now they're fat(lol) and Rhonda.. Salalm may be an other language? :')
8 Apr 2007 by americans are too politically correct
in the aftermath of 9/11, everybody is allowed to make fun of anybody except Americans?!?! what a fucking hypocrisy. overly patriotic americans are a bain on the world's existance
22 Mar 2007 by Calvin
Somebody had to do it... or maybe the French could've lead the assault on Tokyo.
12 Mar 2007 by Pro
it was the russians if remember correct, the americans were busy raping asians with nukes ;)
5 Feb 2007 by Rhonda
And by the way, what's "salalm"? Salami? Let's hope the Americans aren't asked to save Europe from the crescent soon to be imposed on their flags.
5 Feb 2007 by Rhonda
You are obviously too young to have experienced Nazism. Be thankful the Americans saved your ... world.
2 Feb 2007 by adgf
yeahhhhhhhh WHATEVER! ignorance has 2 b bliss.........
21 Jan 2007 by kai

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