\\ He likes ballet, so? (animated)
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He likes ballet, so? (animated)

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28 Jun 2022 by Guy
Yeah these comments make me sad thinking about how simple times were and how this was the funniest stuff ever back in 2006 man :(
13 Mar 2022 by 14Tagz
Yeah, I guess memes have taken over the internet now.
5 Mar 2022 by EeveeGaming
Aaaah... The good old days, before the comments are like "hahaha this is so funny !!", now that like "A9VJZPG72LDOCJDO uwu baka 😩"... This comment are from 2022, yeah. The old comments are from 2008. Umph, i hope that come...
7 Feb 2022 by cris
13 Nov 2019 by Aidan

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